Author: Virginia

Leah Cutest Baby

My first born was the most beautiful baby that had ever been born. I accepted the gift of producing this gorgeous child with barely suppressed humility. How thrilled I was when I discovered that she and I would be going to New York soon when she was only a few months old! We would be […]

Kid notes.

I was going through the treasure trove of childhood memorabilia, so I could divide it up and give it to my now adult children. Lots of cute stuff, lots of things that made me smile, lots of kid drawn family pictures that I thought were funny at the time but kinda resemble me now. Not […]

Being older.

Hard to accept that while I could, for many decades, gracefully squat then rise with my knees together, I now begin to squat, then fall on my butt. Getting up takes a few adjustments, all of them resembling a spastic crab. But…. I can somehow get to the floor and be present in the play […]


Everyone who lives in a Boston apartment has to have a loft bed. So says my youngest, headed there for grad school. Lots of pictures the kid has to back this up. The rooms are so small, she wouldn’t even be able to have a chest for her clothing or a desk if we don’t […]


My silly daughter convinced me to throw a birthday party for her dog, who was turning 10. So, never one to go small, I got a dog themed bounce house, matching dog bandanas for all doggie guests, made the dog cake into a bone shape (frosted with peanut butter and decorated with carob), had doggie […]

My hubby is famous. Because of me.

Background: I had a Suburban with 165K miles on it, and was determined to get to 200K. A week before taking my son to college orientation, I took the car to a mechanic to make sure it was good to go. $900 later, they assured me it would last another year or so to hit […]

Life Lessons

We’ve had a cabin in the mountains for 10 years or so. Every year, I put new plants in the 4 pots on the porch. Because I am lazy, and the porch is 50 feet above the ground, I just toss the old plants over the rail. My pots are always pretty, but in a […]

Horny Old Men

This was a happy day in our house. When the hubby comes in from getting the mail with some kind of weird smirk on his face, something is up. When he wants to peruse some of it while waiting for dinner, of course I have to check out what it is. And, good Lord, when […]