Kid notes.

I was going through the treasure trove of childhood memorabilia, so I could divide it up and give it to my now adult children. Lots of cute stuff, lots of things that made me smile, lots of kid drawn family pictures that I thought were funny at the time but kinda resemble me now. Not good. 

But then I find a couple notes that sweet 8 year old Emmy wrote to tattle on 12 year old Leah.

Leah stepped on my foot, made my finger blead (she’s 8), got pen marks on me, told me lies about how I’m a liar, bonked the back of my head, and said “You aren’t a good cook” Love, Froggie (self appointed nickname)

Then the next one, soon after.

Dear Mommy,

Leah’s being little miss hateful again. I’m sitting here crying because Leah’s yelling at me and I’m so tired. Please kiss me when you get home. Love, Froggie

So I show these twenty something girls the old notes, and later that day,  got a note from Leah.

Dear Mom, 

Yesterday, Emmy called me a slut and said I was very stupid. She even said she was being nice calling me stupid and not retarded. I don’t think she was being nice. She also tried to trip the server at Cheesecake Factory. Love, Leah

Adult Emmy wrote one on a paper tablecloth at a restaurant that night.

Leah’s being Little Miss Hateful again. Leah put pen marks on me, woke me up from my nap. She’s giving me a headache bc of her smell, put a derogatory remark on my phone (hurt my feelings), flicked me, she force-fed me gum saying “Eat it, bitch.”

There are associations with facts for the last 2 notes, (certainly not the intentional attempted tripping), but enough. So what would a normal mother do with them? I framed them.