Leah Cutest Baby

My first born was the most beautiful baby that had ever been born. I accepted the gift of producing this gorgeous child with barely suppressed humility. How thrilled I was when I discovered that she and I would be going to New York soon when she was only a few months old!

We would be going after she won the prize as Orlando’s cutest baby. We would fly first class, enjoy a complimentary hotel, then they would do a photo shoot which would be distributed nationally (I cannot even remember what they were pushing). I was taking at least 3 outfits for her for each day we would be there, so they could admire her repeatedly.

All I had to do was fill out a form (everything was not online then) with an attached picture, and put it in one of the drop boxes around town. I was very confident, but to make sure, I found out where all the boxes were and dropped a dozen or so into each box. 

She didn’t win. I was devastated. And confused.

Distance is a great teacher. I love my kid, and Leah has improved substantially since then, but she was not cute. Now, when I remember the lunatic I was, I laugh so hard I am not sure which end is wetter.